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We have a fully functional woodshop, with the tools you’d need to build everything from birdhouses to fine furniture.


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 [[equipment:tablesaw_sawstop|Table Saw, 10" 3hp SawStop]]
 [[equipment:tablesaw_steelcity|Table Saw, 10" 1.75hp Steel City]]
 [[equipment:Craftsman-14in-band-saw|Band Saw, Craftsman 14"]] (floor standing) 
 [[equipment:Band-saw-9in-Ryobi|Band Saw, 9" Ryobi 1/2 hp]] (tabletop)
 [[equipment:drillpress_shopfox_w1668|Drill Press, 3/4 hp Shop Fox]] (tabletop)
 [[equipment:Sliding Miter Saw, 10" Craftsman|Sliding Miter Saw, 10" Craftsman]]
 [[equipment:Scroll Saw, Delta|Scroll Saw, Delta]]
 [[equipment:shaper_powermatic27|Shaper, Powermatic Model 27]]
 [[equipment:pocketHoleCutter_CastleTSM12|Pocket Hole Cutter, Castle Model TSM-12]]
 [[equipment:mortiser_powermatic10|Mortiser, Powermatic Vintage, Model 10]]
 [[equipment:Wood Lathe, 12" diameter Craftsman|Craftsman Wood Lathe]]
 Planer, 20" Grizzly, Model G1033X [[|manual]]
 [[equipment:Ryobi-Planer|Planer, 13" Ryobi Model AP1300/AP1301]]
 Belt & Disc Sander, 4" Ryobi
 Circular Saws, Jig Saws, Cordless/Corded Hand Drills
 Hand Sanders, Sanding Station with [[equipment:sander_beltDiskBenchSander|Bench Top Belt/Disk Sander, Ryobi]]
 Routers, Dremels/Rotary Tools
 Small Hand Tools, hand planers, etc.
 [[equipment:wetDryVac|Wet/Dry Vacuum, Shop Vac, 12gal, 5hp]]
 Specialty Tools
 Doweling Jig
 Pockethole Jig (Kreg R3)
 Downdraft Table
 Biscuit Cutter (on loan from Paul Hansen)
 Drill Doctor
 Table saws, mitre/chop saw
 Circular saws, routers
 Band saws, scroll saw
 Power sanders
 Drill press, mortisers
 Hand tools
 Safety gear
 Jigs and tool accessories
 Dust collection & air cleaners
 Wood lathes - link to area page
 Thickness planer
 Drum sander

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Area Captains - Jim Fortner & Bob Meyer -
General Contact -
Phone: 862-BODGE-ME (263-4363)

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