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Area Captain

An Area Captain is a decision-maker and caretaker of an area.

As a decision-maker, they (as a group if more than one) decide how to allocate their budget, what tools/equipment/items are allowed in the area, and who is certified to use them. They can set policies for use of their area. They are the first-line decision-makers for an area, only overruled by a majority board vote.

As a caretaker, they keep an eye on the area to ensure it’s generally kept up, identify things that need to be fixed/sharpened/maintained, and if they don’t do it themselves they ask for assistance/funding to get it done. They either train or train other trainers to certify members using the tools. They consider the long-term budgetary needs as they review purchase requests. They respond to questions in their Slack channel and to the area’s email address. Whether online or in person, they are a visible presence for the area.

The amount of work varies by area, but in general an Area Captain should expect to contribute at least a few hours a week as an average. (There’s an ebb and flow. It’s OK to have lighter weeks as there are usually heavier weeks.)


  • The decision-maker about tools, equipment, area policies, etc.
  • Monitor supplies, ensure that replacements are purchased when needed
  • Monitor tools and equipment, ensuring that repairs are made reasonably quickly and membership is informed about off-line tools (on Slack)
  • Manage the area funds and request additional funds as needed
  • Train on tools, and/or help organize the area’s tool trainers
  • Keep an eye out for dangerous/unskillful behaviors, and intervene politely
  • Respond to emails directed to the area and keep an eye on the area's Slack channel
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