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Wiki To-Do List

General maintenance

  1. Divide the current pages into categories to clean up the sitemap
    1. Category:Page_Name
      1. Category:Subcategory:Page_Name
  2. Consider adding a togglable darkmode

Pages to update

  1. This page needs to look a lot better
  2. Keep the Sidebar up to date with commonly used pages

Pages to add

  1. Add a page for each workspace
    1. List captains (see existing page added to the sidebar) and team members specific tool trainers (need to get team member trainer's permission)
    2. List the rules of the workspace (see existing page added to the sidebar)
      1. Link to General Rules
      2. State whatever Tool and Material fees apply
      3. Note if there is a workspace capacity and what it is
      4. List any tools that require training (contact the trainers and ask if they mind being listed here)
      5. etc
    3. Link to (or embed if possible) area or tool scheduling (should not be public, located on membership site and in Slack channel “bookmarks”)
    4. Link to the tools that are available in the space
      1. Use images of the tools with the names overlayed so they're easy to recognize at a glance
    5. Link to tutorials relevant to the space
    6. Showcase member projects from those spaces
    7. Add sub-pages for the groups/clubs that meet in those spaces
  2. Add a page that lists all the current clubs and groups that regularly meet up and link to their pages (mentioned above)
    1. But the Standing Rules are already too long, so also add subpages for details or things that apply to a membership subset
    2. Standing Rules may need extra permissions to edit. If interested, just ask.

Plugins to add

List Current in-process projects with potential orphaned pages here

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