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Bodgery Equipment

Certain tools require membership and Bodgery training to use. Check the list below for details:

Many of our tools require design or operating software to use. The following page has a list of free or open source software.

CNC/Fab Lab

Area Captains: James Pittman


CAD (Computer Aided Design) Resources

3D Printing

Area Captains: Peter Liethen, Rob Smeaton


There is an introduction to 3D printing called “3D Printing 101” that you can find here:

These are the printers we own, and will train you to use.

All these 3D printers, and what’s unique about the use of each one, can be found at the end of this presentation:

Materials Only 3 filament types are kept at The Bodgery and Other Filament Types may be used at the Area Captain's Discretion:

  • PLA (or its derivative, PLA+ or Pro)
  • PETG
  • TPU (with a Shore hardness rating of 95A)

All printers use filament diameter 1.75mm If you want to print a different material on our printers, you MUST contact an area captain first. You can reach us at email, or post your request on Slack in the #3d-printing channel.


  • $0.06/g if you use filament supplied by The Bodgery;
  • $0.03/g if you use your own.
  • Weigh your print(s) on the provided scale and either:
    • Insert the cash for it in the payment box, or
    • Send a payment through PayPal to: and note that it's for 3D filament.

Colors: We try to keep a variety of colors of each filament type on hand. We will not buy filament on request, except when we are making a replenishment order. When that occurs, we ask on Slack if specific colors are desired.

Wood Shop

Area Captains: Jim Fortner, …


Metal Shop/Welding

Area Captains: Randy Nelson, Adam Jablonski


  • Millermatic 180 MIG welder, with .030 wire and 75/25 gas mixture
  • Miller 165 TIG welder, AC/DC and argon gas
  • Eastwood dual process Tig/Stick welder
  • Hypertherm Plasma Cutter with a handheld torch
  • Dewalt porta-bandsaw mounted to a SWAG Offroad table
  • Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw, 64 1/2“ 14T mild steel blade
  • Evolution Metal Chop Saw, 14” Dry cut
  • Bench Grinders, 8“ and 6“
  • Angle grinders, 4 1/2”, members are encouraged to supply their own disks or replenish
  • Bench Vise
  • Delta Drill press, with vises and limited bits
  • Grizzly belt sander, 2”x72“ belts, members are encouraged to supply their own belts or replenish
  • Two Blasting cabinets, glass bead and coal slag
  • Two Auto-darkening welding helmets, gloves, shield, apron, jackets. Member PPE is encouraged when possible.
  • Oxy/Acetylene torch on two-wheel cart
  • 3ft x 4ft x 3/8” steel welding table
  • Available upon request:
    • Teardrop hammers (sheet metal forming)


  • Teardrop hammers (sheet metal forming). Available upon request
  • English wheel, limited to 16 gauge steel, 14 gauge copper, and aluminum
  • Stomp shear, limited to 16ga material, vintage
  • KLUTCH Box and Pan Brake 48in., limitations written on the brake
  • KLUTCH 12" Straight Benchtop Plate Shear (with limitations written on the shear)
  • Handheld sheet metal snips and various hand tools
  • Spot welder

Metal Bending

  • Shop Outfitters Ring roller, for flat bar and 3/8” rod
  • SWAG Offroad Ring roller, for flat bar of various widths (the hard way), Various dies available from mfg.
  • Hossfeld Model No. 2 Universal Bender (manual), with various dies
  • Manual rebar bender, 3/4“ max
  • Powered Benner Nawman rebar bender, 3/4” max
  • 12-ton H-Frame Floor Shop Press
  • Two manual conduit/EMT benders


Area Captains: Available


NOTE: This area is not currently available for use.

  • Propane Forge, Single Burner
  • Anvil, 215 lbs.
  • Anvil, 75 lbs.
  • Engineer's Hammer, 3 lbs.
  • Cross-pein Hammer, 3 lbs.
  • Ball-pein Hammer, 1/2 lbs.
  • Tongs, Bolt, Large
  • Tongs, 1 1/2 inch Round
  • Tongs, 3 inch Round Jaw
  • Casting ladle
  • 4 Cast-iron Casting pans

Machine Shop

Area Captains: Bill Cogger, Steve Howe, Mark M (assistant)


  • Metal Lathes - South Bend Heavy 10“, South Bend 13”
  • Band Saws - Wilton Vertical 14“ (Model 8201), Grizzly Horizontal (Model 60561)
  • Milling Machines - Grizzly Vertical Mill (Model G9902), Grizzly Mill/Drill (Model G0463)
  • Drill Press - Grizzly 17” Floor Model (Model G7947)
  • Grinder - Dewalt Bench Grinder (Model DW756)
  • Buffer - Dayton 10“ Buffer (Model 3NYA6),
  • DROs - DRO PRO Mill Model, DRO PRO Lathe Model
  • Rotary Table - Grizzly Rotary Table (Model 250)

Electronics Lab

Area Captain: Timm Murray, Marshall Scholz, Jack Ryan


  • Soldering Irons, Soldering Station
  • Toaster Oven Reflow Soldering Station
  • USB Soldering Microscope
  • Handheld Multimeters
  • Tektronix TDS 210 Digital Real-time Oscilloscope
  • Tektronix 2245A Analog Oscilloscope
  • BK Precision 1650 Tri-Ouput Power Supply
  • Battery Terminal Spot Welder
  • Components and Supplies
  • Solder sucker
  • Wire cutters, Wire strippers
  • Helping Hands
  • Cables and Cords
  • Available Upon Request
    • Ultrasonic Cleaner
  • Commodore 64

Computer Lab

Area Captain: Mark Pickhard


Area Captains: Cassie Brown, Sylvia Lieteau


Sewing & Fabrics

  • Sewing Machines
    • Janome HD-3000
    • Belvedere Adler
    • White 734
    • Singer - Old - AR736262
    • Kenmore - Old
  • White Superlock 634D Serger
  • PFAFF Creative Vision CNC embroidery machine (Manual,Techniques,Video tutorial)
  • Brother SE-400 CNC embroidery machine
  • Simplicity Felting Machine
  • Steamer
  • Irons & Ironing Boards
  • Leather punch, Riveter
  • 3 Female Dress forms
  • Sleeve Board (ironing)
  • Ironing Ham



  • Center-pull yarn winder
  • Yarn Swift
  • Crochet Hooks & Knitting Needles (US sizes 0 to 10, some assorted larger sizes + DPNs + circulars)


  • Cricut Explore Air (manuals)
  • Mini laminator
  • Rotary & Guillotine paper cutters
  • Acrylic Paint


  • Electric engraver
  • Glass Cutters, Heat Gun
  • Hot glue guns
  • Small, medium, and large cutting mats
  • Wax Melter
  • Candle making Supplies
  • Light Box
  • Jewelry Displays (Available for member check-out)


  • Hand Tools
  • Small Bolt Cutters
  • Shop Vacs/Dust Removal
  • Air Compressor - 150 max psi, 17gal, 1.7hp


  • Viewsonic TV
  • Samsung DVD Player
  • Roku (Youtube, Pandora, etc.)
  • Projector & Screen
  • Overhead Projector
  • Inkjet Printer

Specialty Tools

  • Monocular Microscope
  • Kiln (Glass fusing)


  • Brain Box 500 (snap together circuits)
  • Capsela 1000 Science Discovery System
  • Little Bits Starter Kit
  • Coinstruction Kit
  • Pony Beads
  • General art supplies
  • K'nex
  • Zome DNA Builder Kit
  • Duplos
  • D-stix
  • Pattern Blocks
  • Legos
  • Tangrams


  • Cranium
  • Yahtzee
  • Boggle
  • Jenga
  • Cribbage
  • Cornhole

Defunct, Missing, or Removed Equipment

  • Firenado Machine (Missing, Presumed Escaped)
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