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CAD Resources for Learners & Users

The Bodgery has a number of CNC machines that operate on digital files. Knowing how to design or alter something in a 3D design program (aka CAD) is very helpful. It's also a significant learning curve, so we have gathered some educational resources, software recommendations, and other tips for you in learning and growing in your CAD use.



  • FreeCAD is a free and open source 3D parametric modeler with CAM, FEA and more.
  • Fusion360 for personal use is free. The paid version has additional features. (Walk-through on how to get free version)
  • LibreCAD is a free open source 2D drawing program.
  • OnShape has a free version for non-commercial use (all documents/designs publically available). It was developed by former SolidWorks staff, and operates similarly.
  • SketchUp online (browser based) has a free option.
  • SolidWorks is a widely-used professional CAD package. It's $10/mo or $99/yr for makers, or half that for EAA members.
  • TinkerCad is a basic CAD program online.


  • 3D Connexion makes various “Space Mouse” models that are recommended for power users

CAD Libraries of Parts

  • In Fusion and SolidWorks, one can import real-world parts as components via McMasterCarr and TraceParts (Fusion only?)
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