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One of the conveniences of Bodgery membership is that you can cancel it at any time. There are no contracts, or obligations. We understand that things come up, or priorities change, and we're just happy you added your skills and ideas to the space for as long as you did!

When you're ready to cancel your membership, just log into your Bodgery profile. That should show you a “Member Account” page where there should be a link for canceling. If using PayPal, you can also cancel by logging into your PayPal account and canceling the Automatic Payment to The Bodgery.

It's helpful if you send a quick email to the treasurer as well at, to make sure we know you did that on purpose! We can then take steps to clean up your account, remove you from member-only mailings, check to make sure you haven't forgotten anything on your shelf, etc.

Please know that we still hope to see you at Open Shop nights, social events, and classes! Once a Bodger, always a Bodger… :-)

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