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Classes, classrooms and tool checkoffs


1. Instructions for Class instructors

a. Before you start to fill the google form, please check availability of the Clean or Shop classroom (links are pinned to #classes on Slack)

b. Please fill up the google forms that are linked below in this message . Fill them out following the guidance provided. The online forms are a requirement and not optional. They are also good for record keeping, for finances, and grants.

c. If you have attachments (PDFs or photographs) please email them to If you'd like your classes to be posted on social media? Photos are needed. Email or Slack them to me or @Cassie (she/her)

d. The instructor is responsible for booking the “Shop classroom” or the “Clean classroom” if you're using those rooms.

e.If you're using the Shop classroom, informing @Steve Howe (Machining Co-captain)and blocking of the CnC router calendar is highly advised.

f. Fill out the second google form after the class has been taught to get your dues. If your class allows non-members; they'll need help getting into the building. We do not recommend leaving the front door open without oversight.

g. Non member instructors? Non-member teachers always have a $5/student fee.

h. Class Fee Structure Policy

  • Classes may be offered for a fee. The amount is decided by the instructor.
  • If the instructor is a Bodgery member, the instructor pays no class fees to the Bodgery.
  • If the instructor is a non-member, they will pay a $5/student class fee to The Bodgery.
  • Classes can also be offered for free to Bodgery members, at the instructor's choosing. The Bodgery is not paid anything for these classes.
  • Regardless of whether the class is offered for a fee or not, the instructor can charge a materials fee, beyond the teaching fee, if they are supplied by the instructor. Similarly, if the class uses consumables normally charged for by the training area (laser cutter time, 3D printing filament, welding time), those fees are paid by the student.
  • Members pay the amount listed for the class. Non-members may be charged 25% more than members are charged. Students who pay and do not attend, forfeit their class fees unless a refund policy is listed in the class description. Classes may allow cancellation up to 3 days before the scheduled class.

i. If you would like student names, please let me know and I'll get them to you ASAP. If you need to know how many people are attending, please ask me.

j. If needed for tax purposes; the Bodgery treasurer will reach out to instructors privately.

k. Questions? Please reach out via Slack on #classes, or via email

l. Google forms-This form is the only form I use to post the classes. Occasionally I may reach out for photographs. Please enter everything that you need posted. The onus of entering the information/ details is on you. I will not be looking for 'previous classes' to enter details. That's time consuming and if I can do it, so can you. The forms helps all of us keep a track of the classes posted. Once the class is taken, please fill out this form

2. The Bodgery also has a “Computer classroom” and a “shop classroom” for general class use.

a. Computer classroom: has tables and seating for up to about 20 people, a white board, a 1080p projector, and eight computers for students (and one for the instructor).

b. Shop classroom: is located in the main shop area. It has 4 small workbenches and 2 larger workbenches. It can seat up to 20 people. The area is in use but is still being worked on actively to increase facilities.

Classroom use rules and guidelines

a. The purpose of the shop classroom is primarily to teach, be it woodwork, stain glass, Kumiko etc. The shop classroom may also be used for hosting ‘maker’ groups like Madison Woodworkers guild etc. or for certain woodworking activities that are less dusty.

b. Classes take priority over other activities in the Shop classroom.

c. Class instructors must book their time on the Team UP calendar. The link to which is pinned on #classes on Slack.

d. All users are responsible for cleaning up the Shop Classroom after use. Please also return equipment and furniture to their original layout so others may enjoy the space as well.

e. Both the classroom (Shop classroom, as well as Computer classroom) should not be used for storing projects or any other member owned material. If found, these will be delt with as ‘abandoned items’ as defined in Bodgery Standing Rules (Section 5.2).

f. The Shop classroom may be used for large project assembly in case no classes are planned. Projects should be removed within 24 hours. Please use the ‘Assembly area’ permits to identify your project with name and contact information.

g. Before members plan to use the Shop classroom, please check the Team Up Classroom calendar for classes. Sometimes there may be a Make-up class that was rescheduled because of weather or sickness.

h. Please do not use the machinery in the Shop Classroom unless you have cleared it with the Woodshop captains and trainers. Some equipment is on loan.

i. Dust collection needs to be priority if you are working with motorized tools. Please ask if you are unsure of what is allowed and what isn’t.

j. If in doubt please contact the Bodgery Event Coordinator (Puja Basu)

The Bodgery board reserves the right to tweak these guidelines.

Tool checkoffs

If you're interested in tool checkoffs, classes, or meetups that you don't see listed on our Calendar, you can contact us with your request - please email or You may also email the area captains if your request pertains to a certain zone in the shop.

Metal Shop/
General Classes/

For a schedule of our current events and classes, check out or Events Calendar or Meetup Page

Tool Checkoffs

The Bodgery has a Green/Yellow/Red marked tool system. (Some Bodgery tools are owned by members and on-loan to the Bodgery.)

GREEN - Tools that may be used by any member or guest without requiring prior check-out or training. These include tools that require no power or have no moving parts like a soldering iron, hot glue gun, heat gun, or clothes iron.

YELLOW - Tools that may only be used after a member or guest has been checked out on a tool by an instructor-level member. Person's name should be put on the approved list for that tool. These tools take about 15 minutes to learn how to use safely.

RED - Tools that may only be used by members that have had complete training on a tool or members/nonmembers as part of a class. (A trained member is one who has been trained and checked out by the area captain or area captain assistant.) These tools are significantly dangerous, expensive, or designated such by its owner.

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