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If you're interested in tool checkoffs, classes, or meetups that you don't see listed on our Calendar, you can contact us with your request - please email or You may also email the area captains if your request pertains to a certain zone in the shop.

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General Classes/

The Bodgery also has a classroom for general class use. It has tables and seating for up to about 20 people, a white board, a 1080p projector, and eight computers for students (and one for the instructor).

For a schedule of our current events and classes, check out or Events Calendar or Meetup Page

Tool Checkoffs

The Bodgery has a Green/Yellow/Red marked tool system. (Some Bodgery tools are owned by members and on-loan to the Bodgery.)

GREEN - Tools that may be used by any member or guest without requiring prior check-out or training. These include tools that require no power or have no moving parts like a soldering iron, hot glue gun, heat gun, or clothes iron.

YELLOW - Tools that may only be used after a member or guest has been checked out on a tool by an instructor-level member. Person's name should be put on the approved list for that tool. These tools take about 15 minutes to learn how to use safely.

RED - Tools that may only be used by members that have had complete training on a tool or members/nonmembers as part of a class. (A trained member is one who has been trained and checked out by the area captain or area captain assistant.) These tools are significantly dangerous, expensive, or designated such by its owner.

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