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Laser Cutter/Engraver 50w


Shenhui SH-350D

Cost To Use

$10/hr of cutting time
Donation Box next to Device


You MUST BE TRAINED before using it alone. Ask for help from those who have been trained, and
Contact James Pittman to set up an appointment for your training.

Laser Cutter Handout

Settings and tutorial on using it.

Informative video series by Russ of Sabar Multimedia


  • Laser power: 50W
  • Laser type: Hermetic CO2 glass tube
  • Cylinder Rotary Attachment
  • Supports graphic formats (PLT, DXF, BMP, JPG, GIF, PGN, TIF).
  • Equipped with DSP Control System
    • Compatible software: CorelDraw, AutoCAD
  • Compatible with WIN7/Vista/XP
  • Power supply: AC220±10% 50HZ/ AC110±10% 50HZ
  • Working area: 300mm X 500mm (Approx. 11.81“ x 19.68”)
  • Max moving speed: 500mm/s
  • Locating precision: <0.01mm
  • Min shaping character: Character: 2x2mm, Letter: 1x1mm
  • Operating temperature: 5-40 degrees Celsius
  • Resolution ratio: ≤4500dpi
  • Control configuration: DSP
  • Data transfer interface: USB(offline)
  • Cooling: Water Cooling and protection system
  • Dimensions: 1020×650×630 mm
  • Net Weight: 65KG

Material Information

On loan from

JT Smith


08/08/14 - Arrived at Makerspace
08/29/14 - Ready to Use

Owner's Manual

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