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Events at the Bodgery

1. Guidelines for holding events at the Bodgery (Flex space)

An event can be organized by any Bodgery member. (Henceforth known as Event Organizer) and they will take the lead in organizing the nitty gritty.

The events need to be in keeping with our guest policy. One member can host 10 individuals. Two members can have unlimited numbers of guests.

The host can/may be a vendor in addition to being the host (thus satisfying rule 1) (We have done this for Petite market in the past)


Events that allow non-members access (i.e open to the public) to the Bodgery, need to make sure that the following are in place Volunteers to staff the front doors to welcome and guide the public to the Flex space (2 recommended) Volunteers who can give tours if tours are planned (2 recommended; tours should take approximately half an hour) Set up signs (to the effect “no non-members beyond this point”) and barricades (in process of acquiring), so guests do not randomly move into machine rooms or Private studios unaccompanied. If the event takes place away from the main entrance (e.g. a classroom), please ensure there is a plan for late arriving guests to access the event.


If the event involves vending and/or application fees for being a part of the event; The Event organizer will be the designated person for this job. The Bodgery treasurer has asked not to be involved in these transactions. The Event organizer can decide if they want the vendors to pay (or sponsor it themselves) We recommend Vendor fees Booth fee $5 Member vendors up to $10 Non-member vendors $10-$30 Vendors who only display items do not have to pay, but that’s a host decision. The money is collected by the Event Organizer and used for the event application and snacks as they see fit


The vendors are expected to bring their own table, table cloths, display boards, and extension cords etc. Do not make permanent changes to the floors/walls etc. Do not take materials that belong to the Bodgery, a Bodgery Area, or from private studios and member storage shelves.

LAYOUT (Flex Space)

The organizers are requested to follow the layout provided by the Bodgery. The layout defines areas (red boxes) for fourteen 2'x4'vending tables while leaving ~4' walkways for easy entry and exit. We have also marked out an area for vending(green box marked snacks) if desired. If the suggested layout doesn’t work for your needs, please reach out to us on


Please leave sufficient room for studio access and emergency exit if a situation arises.


Event Organizers are expected to reset the Flex space and leave it clean for the next person to enjoy it. This includes removing every item that was brought in, cleaning up any spills or marks on floors and walls, and dust-mopping the floor.


In case the Bodgery is asked to host an event, the Board may reach out to the membership to see if someone (or a few members) would like to liaison on the Bodgery’s behalf and host the event. A flat fee of $100 will be charged. Please reach out to to get the conversation started.


Please communicate the event details to the Board (#ask-the-board) and the membership, including setup and clean up times that would impact members. Please also post this information the the #Studios channel or to the Studio coordinator (Jay Larson) if the event will impact studio renters.


If you would like this event published on the website and on Bodgery social media, please inform the Bodgery’s Event coordinator (Puja B) and the Social-media coordinator (Cassie B).

  • Please Include a brief description of the event, expected items for sale, photos if you have any, and anything else you would like us to include in that post.
  • Please include actual web addresses, FB accounts, or IG accounts if you want those included. The person's (or business’s) name is often not enough to locate and tag the right one.

The Board reserves the right to tweak requirements if needed as well as to debate the details interminably.

2. Event packing list (for events where Bodgery sets up a booth)

  • Pens
  • Sharpies/Magic Markers
  • Large Notepad and Clipboard for Mailing List Signup
  • Promo: business cards, 1/4 page fliers, stickers
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Wire cutters
  • Zip ties
  • Table clothes
  • Tent
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