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What's the Bodgerous Library?

We have a fair amount of knowledge about various things. Some of it is formal, some of it is tribal.

So let's say, and why not, that you're a Bodger. And you have some knowledge that is worth writing up. You might blog about it. You might set up a GitHub repo and record it there. You might register a domain, get a hosting service, and build a dedicated website. You might create a Facebook page.

Or, just perhaps, you might write it as an article in the Bodgerous Library.

Look. This is a wiki. That means it works on simplified markup so you don't have to be ascared of no HTML; but it also means that you can add links and drawings and such. And we will help.

Putting your work in the Bodgerous means that other Bodgers can add to it as time goes on. It means that you don't need to mess with permissions and pull requests and whatnot. It means that you can put materials for your shop presentation into the Bodgerous, and not be destroyed because your machine with its local files won't talk to the laptop that's running the projector.

As time goes by, we will hopefully gather enough material that curating it will become a chore. But hey. That's a good problem to have. And the wiki is searchable. :-)

Please treat the Library with respect and care. This is where we should try to save things that are worth saving.

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