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Preferred Vendors for Materials and Tools

As The Bodgery grows, we're forming relationships with businesses that sell materials, tools, and accessories for our equipment. We choose them because they offer great quality, deals and service. In many cases, the vendors even offer us a “Bodgery Discount” for our purchases.

Official purchases for the shop can be made anywhere, but this is a list of the places that have gone out of their way to be good partners.

  • Adafruit - electronics parts, kits, tutorials. When the Bodgery buys minimum orders of $250, we get a 15% discount!
  • Midland Plastics - sheet, tube and block plastics. Great regional business, offers us deals on larger purchases (eg, laser materials store)
    • 6360 Copps Avenue, near Monona Menards. (608) 222-4066 Ask for Brian or Jim.
  • The Wood Cycle of Wisconsin Inc. - locally sourced urban wood. They have a very well stocked loft at their location on South Fish Hatchery Road in Oregon where you purchase by the board foot. They also sell by the piece at both Habitat Restore locations.
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