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President's Responsibilities

External relations

  • Official communications
  • Building/maintaining partnerships
  • Seeking Donations
  • External Events Planning
  • Responding to incoming emails to contact@
  • Communicating with landlord (Pres/CEO)
  • Communicating with internet provider
  • Website management
    • Regular blog and FB posts
    • Setting up blog and wiki account

Internal communications, functions

  • Board reports to membership
  • Board/member meeting agendas
  • Board/member meeting reminders
  • Leading meetings (Backup:CEO,VP)
  • Membership morale and dispute resolution (with CEO)
  • Approving incoming tools (Pres/CEO)

General Board Duties

  • Signing up new members/orientation
    • Inputing new member info into CRM
    • Adding to public/member-only mailing list
    • Validating Parking Permits
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