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Promoting Your Event

Include as much information as you can. If making a flier or sign that you will physically post, make sure that the most important details are large, bold, and clear to read. This would usually be the name of the event, the date and time, and the location. A description of the event can also be included and any fees that may be involved.

Getting the Word Out

To start, you can send out an email to members( and to our public mailing list (

Ask a board member about posting your event to our social media and/or creating blog posts on the Bodgery's website.

Other good ways of promoting your event are creating an event on Craigslist. You can include pictures and select which categories the event fits under.

Fliers & Community Bulletin Boards

There are a lot of places around town that have community bulletin boards where you can just walk up and post a flier. TIP: Bring scotch tape and push pins just in case there aren't any available at the board. Also, some boards can be rather packed, so half page fliers may be better than full page at some locations.

Here is a list of public community bulletin boards. (As of 11/26/2014)


  • Woodman's Grocery - Milwaukee St.
  • Copp's - Aberg (Turn in at service desk)
  • Zoma Cafe - Atwood
  • St. Vincent De Paul - Willy St.
  • Ground Zero Coffee- Willy St.
  • Mother Fool's Coffee - Willy St.
  • Starbucks - East Towne/E. Washington
  • Pinney Library - Cottage Grove Rd. @ Monona Dr. (Turn in at service desk, tell them it is for a non-profit)
  • Hawthorne Library - E. Washington (Turn in at service desk, tell them it is for a non-profit)


  • Copp's - Monona Dr./ Broadway
  • Starbucks - Monona Dr./ Broadway
  • Peet's Coffee & Tea - Monona Dr./ Broadway
  • Copp's - Park St.
  • Cargo Coffee - Park St.
  • Barriques - Park St. (Must be manager approved)
  • Goodman Library - Park St./Beltline (Turn in at service desk, tell them it is for a non-profit)


  • Starbucks - State St.
  • Steepery - State St.
  • Trade House Coffee - State St.
  • Gorham Dumplings - Gorham @ State St.
  • Jamba Juice - State St.
  • Ragstock - State St.
  • Michaelangelo's Coffee - State St.
  • Coffee Bytes - University/ Lucky Bldg
  • Starbucks - the Square
  • Collectivo - the Square
  • Central Library - Henry and Mifflin (doesn't have a physical bulletin board. They can scan a physical copy to post at their branch, but they will take copies to send to the other branches, of which there are nine total.)


  • Indie Coffee - Regent St.
  • Crescendo Espresso Bar - Monroe St.
  • Metcalfe's - Hilldale
  • Starbucks - University @ Midvale
  • Zuzu Cafe - Regent @ Randall


  • Pierce's Grocery - Northport/Sherman (Turn in at service desk)
  • Lakeview Library - Northport/Sherman (Turn in at service desk, tell them it is for a non-profit)
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