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Volunteer Opportunities

You too can make our makerspace! :-D

If you think of something that you think needs to be done, please add it to this list. Also, please help complete items on this list, if you have the time.

Always Needing To Be Done

  • Sweep floors, straighten/clean tables
  • Gather trash/recycling, take to dumpsters in back
  • Straighten and organize areas
  • Dust out computers
  • Sort recent donations
  • Sort area materials (laser, wood, metal)
  • Sort hardware in parts bins
  • Shovel snow
  • Update info on wiki tool pages (get approval from Area Captain)
  • Update stale pages on the wiki (check with a board member for more info)
  • Write up tool-use tutorials for the wiki (get approval from Area Captain)
  • Write content for our website

One-Off Tasks

  • If you see a small way to improve something, just do it
  • Ask Area Captains or board members for ideas or if you have an idea for a big task

Volunteer Positions

If you're interested in any of these things, let a board member know.

  • Stocking general supplies like paper towels and soap
  • Social Media Coordinator - post content on our social media channels
  • Event/Class Coordinator - help organize classes and events
  • Website Coordinator - help keep fresh content on our website
  • Membership Coordinator - help answer membership questions and process membership changes
  • Bookkeeping - help with accounting
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