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Vice President/ Operations Manager


  • Responding to incoming emails to contact@
  • Membership morale and dispute resolution (with President)
  • Communicating with the landlords or their representatives

General Board Duties

  • Validating Parking Permits and assembly area permits
  • Approving incoming tools and accepting/coordinating donations
  • Signing up new members/orientation
    • Inputing new member info into CRM
    • Adding to public/member-only mailing list
  • Checking and replenishing general supplies
  • Checking member storage shelves/units for use and disuse
  • Monitoring use of Free Shelves, and other general use areas such as computer classroom, shop classroom, flex space, clean room, kitchen etc

Petty Cash Management

  • Monitor donation boxes
  • Monitor vending stock and replenish as needed
  • Make other petty cash purchases if needed

Most of these duties are done in collaboration with volunteers responsible for the different Areas listed above. The list of volunteers can be found on Slack and the list is constantly changing.

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