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How Can I Visit?

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic we are only open for tours by the Public on Friday nights, 7-9pm. We are not currently hosting "Open Shop Nights" for making things on Mondays and Fridays.

At The Bodgery we welcome guests and visitors. You can stop by, use tools you've been trained on, browse the junkyard for materials to build projects from, and generally hang out - as long as a member is present and is willing to be a host. No really - make stuff for free at The Bodgery! =)

(Normally) When Can The Public Visit?

During non-Covid times We're open every Friday night for Open Shop from 7-10pm. Social time, but bring your projects to work on with fellow makers. Ask to have a tour. New member orientations are at 8pm every Friday.

During non-Covid times We're open every Monday night for Open Shop/Craft Night, from 6-8pm. Monday night is also a drop-in crafting circle! Ask to have a tour.

To use our tools, guests must receive training and be checked off by a qualified member. To schedule that, look for the Area Captain listed here of the tool area you're interested in, and email them. We try to have regular tool check-offs, but we appreciate your patience as a volunteer-run space.

You can also join our Meetup Group or check our Google Calendar found on our Events page for classes, events, and meet ups. Of course, becoming a member grants you a key and 24/7 access! 8-)

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