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Welcome to The Bodgery Makerspace! This Member Handbook contains some important and basic information that will help you at the space. If you find yourself wishing something useful to members was on the page, log in and add it!

MEMBERSHIP MOTTO: Be Excellent to Each Other.

The Board of Directors is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the Bodgery. To contact the board email

The makerspace has Area Captains who oversee the activities in each of our tool areas.

For a listing of current board members and area captains, visit the Leadership page.

Official Documents

Members must review the member agreement form, member release form, and Standing Rules when signing up for membership.

New Maker Checklist

For Guests

  1. Visit the space during Open Shop Hours
  2. Attend public meetings and events (see website for calendar)
  3. Visit and use tools anytime a member can host/sponsor you
  4. All guests must complete the liability waiver at the front door kiosk upon their first visit.

To Become a Member

  1. Visit the space during Open Shop Hours before joining. Get to know us!
  2. After you’ve visited the space, and gotten to know us…
  3. Apply online for membership:
  4. After filling out the above online application for membership, you must come in for member orientation and to get your keyfob. This process takes an hour or so. For details, see the online application link. Email with questions.

Member-Only Online Resources

  • Passwords are required. Instructions on accessing these resources are supplied by email after member orientation is completed. For questions, email
    1. The membership website:
    2. Slack messaging & communication:
      • Slack provides up-to-date information and communication with area captains and members. It can be accessed using the Slack app on a phone, tablet or computer, or using a web browser. A tutorial is available when joining. Additional information on using slack: Slack Lessons, Slack Help, Video:Slack Basics, Video:Slack for Beginners.


Confused by all the words people are throwing around? Take a peek at our Glossary of Terms to help decipher any unfamiliar verbiage.

Closeout Procedure

When leaving, let others know you’re leaving. If you’re the last one out, follow the closing up procedures posted by the door or on the wiki.

  • Make sure giant overhead door is closed and padlocked (on right-side track of door).
  • Check to make sure all machines are off, even if you weren't using them.
  • Ensure back (human) door is locked.
  • Turn off overhead lights in shop. Shop light switches are located near the back door or on the wall just south of the double doors in the shop.
  • Turn off the fans. (turn counterclockwise til it clicks.) Knob located on the wall just south of the double doors in the shop.
  • Turn off all lights in clean room. Light switches by front door. Unplug decorative lighting if necessary.
  • Make sure all guests are gone.
  • Make sure the main door is locked behind you.


  • Any guest that enters the space must be sponsored by a member present at the space.
  • All guests must complete the liability waiver at the front door kiosk upon their first visit.
  • Every time a guest visits the space, they should sign in at the front door kiosk and list the member hosting them.
  • Any single member may host up to 10 guests. Any two members may host as many guests as fire codes allow.
  • Guests are permitted to use most tools. Check the Tools and Equipment page for a current list of member only tools.
  • Guests may not leave projects or materials in the space, unless they have received specific permission from a Board Member.
  • Minors must have a Minor Consent Form signed by their parent or guardian prior to entering the space.
  • Minors must also have an adult present as legal or acting guardian.
  • Minors must be supervised by parent or acting guardian during visits.


  • We post all our events, recurring or one-off, on the Events Page of our Website and our MeetUp group.
  • Any member may host a class, meetup, workshop, party, etc. as long as they follow the Event Checklist.
  • Events are often posted to the Meetup Page. It is highly recommended for members to create a account if they do not already have one, and join this meetup group.


  • Many tools are owned by members.
  • Members may lend tools to the Bodgery with prior approval from the Board. Any lent tool should have the name of its owner on it.
  • Non-members may donate tools, but not lend them. (This is so members are not responsible for giving access to the tool to its owner. Exceptions may be made for members of other hackerspaces.)
    • Decisions about accepting tool donations are at the discretion of area captains and/or the board.
  • Some tools require Bodgery training to use. These tools are also the members only tools list which can be found on the Tools and Equipment page.
  • Guests are permitted to use most tools. Check the Tools and Equipment page for a current list of members only tools.
  • If you break a tool, please, Please, PLEASE email and tell an area captain or board member. We'd rather know so we can take care of it, rather than find it next time someone needs to use it.


  • Consumables are not the responsibility of the Bodgery, but individual members.
  • Members and guests may use consumables (eg. nuts/screws, yarn, etc.) in reasonable amounts. This policy is intended for use in small amounts, emergency/immediacy needs, and to use up odds and ends that would otherwise be thrown away.
    • If you use more than a small amount of a consumable, please either replace it, or donate an appropriate amount and notify an area captain or board member so that the item may be replenished.
  • Leftover consumables may be put away in an organized manner for other members' use.
  • Some tools have a consumables fee. These tools include:
    • Laser Cutter ($10 per laser hour, i.e. while the laser is active)
    • Vinyl Cutter ($2 per sq ft)
    • Welder (approximate amount of wire, gas, or tips used and pay accordingly. About $5 per hour.)
      • a tank of gas =~$75, 2 lb spool of wire=~$18
    • 3D printers ($0.10/gram for bodgery filament, $0.05/gram for your own filament)
  • If you break a saw blade, sewing machine needles, etc., please replace the item, email, or tell an area captain. You are not required to replace these, but it is appreciated.

Project Storage

  • One of the membership perks is a unit of storage for your personal tools, projects and materials, etc. Anything located within this space is not available to other members or guests.
  • Currently, storage space is located in the loft upstairs and next to the lounge area/kitchen. Each member gets about 1 large storage tub of space (about 2'x 2'x 2'). If you occupy a storage space, it must be labeled with your name and contact info.
  • Items belonging to a former member should be removed from the space before the first of the month after their membership is suspended or terminated. After that date, any items belonging to a former member may be disposed of at the discretion of the Board.

Parking Your Project

If a member has a personal project that won't fit in their storage area, but is difficult to transport back and forth from home, they may fill out a “Parking Permit” (found in the envelope near the bulletin board). If approved, they can store their project in a public area (ideally in a corner of the floor space, not on public tables or workbenches) for up to 14 days. This is to allow for paint/glue drying, time required to acquire sustenance, or taking short breaks between working on it.

The stored project should have a completed “Parking Permit” attached visibly to it. This indicates who owns the project, their contact phone/email, and the date the permit expires. The top part of the parking permit form should be posted on the project itself, and the other part should be pinned to the day the permit expires on the calendar by the bathroom. When the Parking Permit expires, the member must either fill out a new one or immediately remove the property from the Bodgery.

Items with expired permits will considered “abandoned property” and will be cleared out on or around the first of every month.

Abandoned Property

Member property that is not stored completely in their storage space, or does not have a parking permit attached will be considered abandoned. Space permitting, abandoned property will be moved to the Hack Rack. If there is not adequate space on the hack rack for the abandoned property, it will first be offered to area captains and then either donated, recycled, or thrown in the trash.

Note: It is wise to label with your name anything personal you bring to and use in the space. Accidents happen and everyone forgets things occasionally. To maintain ownership of your property, please label accordingly.

Dues Payment

Membership rates can be found here.

Payments are due the 1st of each month.

  • If dues are not paid by the end of the day on the 1st, key fobs/door codes may automatically be disabled.
  • If dues are still not paid by the end of the day on the 7th, memberships will be suspended.
  • Any member that has been suspended for 30 days or more must reapply for membership by completing a new application form.

Member Privileges

All members have these rights and privileges:

  • A key giving 24/7 access to the building.
  • Access to all tools and training.
  • The right to host up to 10 guests alone or infinite guests with another member present.
  • May host classes or events in the space. (Please check with event coordinator for availability)
  • An approximately 2' x 2' x 2' area for member storage.
  • Use of the facility to build projects.


  • The Bodgery has no staff and has no cleaning service.
  • Each member is responsible for cleaning up after themselves and helping to maintain the space.
  • Cleaning supplies and trash bags are on the shelves at the top of the stairs.
  • The Bodgery has 4 Trash and 4 Recycling bin. Trash pickup is on Wednesdays so trash and recycling should go out every Tuesday night.
    • Every member is responsible for taking out the trash and recycling.
  • Please use the shop sink for any heavy duty cleaning. The bathroom sink should only be used for light cleaning.
  • Wash any and all dishes and utensils you use. There is a drying rack in the kitchen for cleaned items. They may be put away in the drawers and cabinets when dry.
  • If the bathroom looks gross, please clean it.
  • If the floors look dirty, please sweep (and mop if necessary).
  • Pick up any trash and throw it away.
  • If a trash can is full, take out the bag and place it in the large trash bin. Please put a new trash bag in the trash can.
  • The clean room thermostat is next to the shop door in the clean room.
  • The shop thermostat is by the electrical panels in the shop.
  • In hot temperatures, it helps to open the clean room door and the large bay door and turn on a large fan in front of each door to help circulate air.
  • In cold temperatures, the warehouse thermostat should be set to 55.


  • There are first aid kits located around the shop and outside the bathroom.
  • There are multiple fire extinguishers in the shop and one in the clean room. Look for large red marks.
  • Emergency contact information can be found in the membership website and should be kept up to date.

Food and Beverage

  • The Bodgery has a full-size fridge, a countertop pizza oven, a 12-cup coffee maker, and a microwave. These appliances are available for member and guest use.
  • Dishes and utensils are available in the kitchen, but must be washed and return before leaving.
  • The fridge and drawers next to the hack rack hold vending goods.
  • Goods purchased from vending should be paid for with cash deposited in the red cup on the inside of the fridge door.
  • Vending is stocked by members. If you have a request for items to be stocked, please email the member list.
  • Personal food may be kept in the fridge and freezer as long as it is labeled with owner's name and date that it was placed.

Alcohol Policy

  • Members and guests may bring alcohol into the space. Anyone consuming alcohol must be 21 or older.
  • Once someone consumes alcohol, they are prohibited from using power tools.
  • Events welcoming alcohol should state so in the event description. (i.e. BYOB)
  • Anyone found to be belligerent or conducting in misconduct in the Bodgery as a result of alcohol consumption may be ejected from the space.

Media Systems

  • The classroom has a 1080p projector. Use your device with the HDMI cable or use the computer that's there.
  • The clean room has a TV with a Chromecast available for member use. It may be used for presentations, meet ups, events, or personal entertainment.
  • The craft area has a TV setup with a DVD player for your viewing pleasure.
  • There is a sound system with speakers in the shop. The receiver is located next to the machine shop. It currently streams Spotify and Pandora. An auxiliary cable can be hooked up to play mobile devices.

Web Presence

  • We have two Google Group mailing lists, and you should have been added to both upon becoming a member. One is a public list (MadCity Makers) and the other is members-only (The Bodgery). You can adjust your settings for the frequency that you receive emails (daily digest, etc), but please stay on the members-only list for important announcements.
  • Get an account for the Bodgery wiki. Email to get an account.
  • Keep track of makerspace events on our Events Page on our website, or by following our Google Apps calendar using XML, ICAL, or HTML.
  • Events are often posted to the Meetup Page. It is highly recommended for members to create a account if they do not already have one, and join this meetup group.

Social Media Sites

Donations, Fiscal Sponsorship and our Wishlist!

The Bodgery is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. Donation inquiries should be directed to the general contact email address.

We also have a donation wishlist.

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