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The doorbot is responsible for scanning key fobs and unlocking the door for members. The software is written in C++ and runs on an ESP32. It expects to use the Wiegand protocol for reading fobs. It communicates with a server written in Python.

Implementation of the system is split up into a few repositories:

Building a Doorbot

To deploy a doorbot, you will need the following major materials:

Building the hat is covered elsewhere (TODO make that page)

  • TODO: RFID reader connections
  • TODO: Power connection
  • TODO: Strike connection
  • TODO: Configure firmware
  • TODO: Uploading firmware

Serial Port Debugging

The ESP32 has a USB port, and much useful information is given about the cache status, key reading, etc. There are also a few commands you can send:

  • check <ID> - Check if a keyfob is valid
  • newcache - Rebuild the cache
  • open - Open the door
  • stats - Dump info about this doorbot
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