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Treasurer Responsibilities

Internal Revenue Management

  • Collecting Membership Dues
  • Contacting members behind on payments to see if they still wish to be members
  • Membership audit
  • Removing expired members from mailing list
  • Retrieving/deactivating keys/RFID
  • Clearing member storage of expired members
  • Authorizing Bodgery purchases under $100

External Financial Oversight

  • Paying the bills
  • Doing taxes
  • Communicating with Utilities


  • Keeping ledger current and accurate
  • Managing bank and PayPal accounts
  • Managing and maintaining receipts and documentation

General Board Duties

  • Validating Parking Permits
  • Signing up new members/orientation
    • Inputing new member info into CRM
    • Adding to public/member-only mailing list
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