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Welcome to The Bodgery's wiki. This is where you can find just about any information on our makerspace, our community of makers, and our history. You can head back to our main website here.

General Information About The Bodgery


Our Shop and Equipment

Member Info

Board of Directors

Starting a Makerspace?

Great idea! Since we're getting this question more often…

The Bodgerous Library

We Ownz the Internets

You can find us, tune in, add your piece, and keep in touch:

ps This Wiki is Milwaukee's Fault

That is to say, the Milwaukee Makerspace was so generous and cool that they let us lift large parts of their fabulous wiki format and language to use when we were setting this one up. They are an amazing bunch of makers, and please go visit their place (Tues and Thurs nights are open to visitors) … it's an incredible space!

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